Watch the Success Story of Lwitiko Mwalukumba


Hear Lwitiko Mwalukumba's inspiring story of his journey from being an orphan to becoming a doctor with some help along the way from Africa Bridge.

Watch the Success Story of Mpoki and Kisa

Watch the Success Story of Elizabeth

The Success Story of Fade Jimu

Showing the Impact of MVCCs & Empowerment Facilitators activities for the Well being of the Children

Fade is among the Children identified as Most Vulnerable Children living with his grandmother since he was 1 years old.  His mother left him without telling anyone where she is heading. Since then Fade’s grandmother is the one taking care of Fade. Fade was not registered for school, because his grandmother was unable to afford the cost of exercise books and uniforms.

Fade was identified by the MVCCs and Empowerment Facilitators through a home visiting exercise. The MVCCs manage to help Fade buy some of the school items, including school uniforms, bag, socks, Exercise books, sweater and pencils that enabled Fade to be registered as a student in school.

Fade and His Grandmother in front door of their House

Committee members, Fade (with school uniforms), Empowerment Facilitators and Teddy when this visited Fade to his home place

“I felt very happy after joining school, though I’m older compared to other students in my class but I’m happy. Now slowly I know how to read, count and to write some vowels, also I know how to sing a school song”, said Fade. “... my dream is to become a Teacher so that I can teach children”.

The Success Story of Estwida Itete

Estwida Itete lives in the small village of Kambasegela. In general, the ward faces extreme poverty, and the impact of HIV/AIDS is a major challenge. Many people do not earn enough of an income to afford daily needs. Other challenges include gender based violence and oppression. Africa Bridge has partnered with local government to undertake project work. There are no other organizations working to support children and families in the area.  

Estwida was selected for the Africa Bridge program because for a long time she lived in vulnerability as a window with 4 children to support with no help from anyone.

“Africa Bridge has since supported me and everyone else in the program with a chicken project, and also they taught us skills in taking care of children well. They helped us with setting up children clubs where children can play together. These were not available in the past."

"I won’t ever forget about the day I received my chickens, because I thought maybe it was all a lie and wouldn’t come true. But the day I received 8 chickens I was so happy and so were my children.”

The Success Story of Geoffrey Uswege Kamwela

“My fellow villagers chose me to be among the programme participants, because my family and I were living in vulnerable environment.

Africa Bridge helped a lot in this village, they helped us with school uniforms for our children, exercise books, shoes blankets, and now dairy cows, avocados and chicken projects and even Health Insurance cards.

Before Africa Bridge, our children used to go to school with tattered clothes, and this made teachers send them back home, because in Tanzania you have to wear school uniform to go to school. It would take two to three weeks to find money to buy a good uniform, meanwhile our children were at home not in school.

Also in the past, we used to have only one meal per day, but now because of our dairy cow project, we have three meals. We get milk and exchange the milk for food from other villagers.”


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