The Success of Our Co-Op's

Dairy Cow Co-Ops

Participants in Africa Bridge’s dairy cow cooperatives help create an active economy for their village, provide stable housing with beds and blankets, food to feed their families, entrepreneurial skills for sustaining results, horticulture training, and empower village adults to take care of the most vulnerable children. 

The people of Tanzania and Africa Bridge have decided to turn poverty into prosperity through purchasing cows, and we need your help.  By donating to the co-op, you are helping provide the most vulnerable children with access to milk to build strong bones, new farming techniques to help create sustainable job skills, and products to provide new income streams. 

Dairy Cow Cooperatives Transform Lives

Chicken Co-Ops

We teach chicken co-op members how to create nest boxes. These are enclosure structures provided for chickens to nest in. Co-op members collaborated with Africa Bridge staff by providing wood, nails, and other essential materials needed to build nest boxes. After building the nest boxes, chicken health and disease prevention was also discussed.

Building nest boxes is important because many of the chickens are expected to start laying eggs soon. When eggs are laid in the boxes, it is easier to collect the eggs, to avoid cracks in the eggs, and to ensure that the eggs are safe from outside moisture that could cause decay. While the amount of eggs that a chicken lays in a day varies, most healthy chickens are known to lay five eggs a week or one every other day. These chickens promote hope among the village and provide brighter futures for vulnerable children and their families!

Safari Guests with Barry visiting a Chicken Co-op in the Kambasegela Ward

Avocado Co-Ops

Africa Bridge staff works hard with avocado co-op members to grow and maintain avocado trees. Co-op members learn to control weeds in their farms. Africa Bridge staff advises co-op members to start mulching to maintain soil moisture and to increase soil biodiversity that will encourage healthy and more abundant growth of avocado trees.

Avocados are nutrient-rich – packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, and fiber. Not only do they provide a family with sustenance, thriving avocado trees are a social capital booster, helping families work towards economic independence as they use the avocados to generate income. 

Celebrating Successful Avocado Trees!


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