“No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.”                                      -Emma Goldman, author

Africa Bridge’s This Is My School (TIMS) fundraising program helps teachers and parents empower students to change the world. TIMS connects vulnerable schools in Tanzania with school children in the United States.

TIMS GOAL is to support the educational needs of the Most Vulnerable Children in Tanzania through the expansion and improvement of educational facilities and equipment.

The STRATEGY of TIMS is to:

  • Bring together U.S. and Tanzanian schools as a community of learners.
  • Be a resource in the development of world citizenship.
  • Create an authentic experience for students to engage in being global citizens.
  • Use student’s talents and skills to do good work in the world through service learning.
  • Identify specific school construction and equipping projects for fundraising that can be fully achieved through U.S. partner schools fundraising.

When your school joins TIMS, Africa Bridge will visit your school and introduce students virtually to the kids, families and schools in the villages where we work. Together, we will collaborate with students and teachers in the United States to create resources for vulnerable children and teachers in Tanzania.

Africa Bridge and This Is My School are here to spark ideas and make learning contagious  

Through the efforts of second graders and fourth graders, Stafford Primary School has raised over $16,000 to help support their buddy school, Pakati  Primary School in the village of Ntandabala.

Funds were used to help send Pakati students to school and construct three new classrooms.

Stafford Primary School has also make significant contributions to the purchase of 350 desks and classroom remodeling at Katusyo and Kasanga Primary.

Students exchanged pen pal letters, pictures and even videos with Pakati School students. We are excited to see how Stafford students are learning to think globally and feel empowered to make a  difference in our world.



For more information, here is a video About Africa Bridge from Bethany Waggoner on Vimeo.

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