TANZANIA Safari - February 9, 2023


  9-Feb-23: Arrival in Dar Es Salaam – Dar Serena
10-Feb-23: Dar Es Salaam Serena

11-Feb-23:  Flight Dar/Ruaha - Ruaha River Lodge

12-Feb-23: Ruaha River Lodge

13-Feb-23: Ruaha River Lodge

14-Feb-23: Flight:  Ruaha/Mbeya - Utengule Coffee Lodge
15-Feb-23: Utengule Coffee Lodge

16-Feb-23: Tukuyu - Landmark Hotel 
17-Feb-23: Tukuyu - Landmark Hotel

18-Feb-23: Utengule Coffee Lodge
19-Feb-23: Utengule Coffee Lodge

20-Feb-23: Flight: Mbeya/Dar. Connect with your international flight, departure from Dar Es Salaam.

The Safari Brochure is a clickable link to view the Digital Itinerary.  For a complete list of all activities and schedules, please email info@africabridge.org for a brochure.


Barry and Friends above, Utengule Coffee Lodge below

February 9, 2023 Safari 5 Year Model


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