Who We Are

People in rural Tanzanian villages are among the poorest in the world, with many families subsisting on basic farming, and often eating only one meal per day. Africa Bridge is a nonprofit, rural economic development organization dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children and their caregivers in these villages. Our work helps guardian families help themselves to escape crushing poverty and offers them and the vulnerable children they care for a chance to achieve their dreams.

Where We Work

We change lives in remote Tanzanian villages in the southwest highlands. People there live on less than one dollar a day, have an average life expectancy of less than 50 years, and experience high rates of HIV/AIDS due to lack of knowledge and poor medical care. The villages and farms are widely scattered, roads are unpaved and often impassable in the wet seasons, and electricity and piped water are rare. Many vulnerable children live with elderly grandparents or extended family, stretching already distressed incomes even further.


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