Independent Program Audit Report: Kisondela 2021

We are excited to announce an independent report that dramatically validates the effectiveness of our work for the most vulnerable children in Tanzania. Authored by MarketShare Associates and the Ray Marshall Center of The University of Texas at Austin, the report is a data-rich, quantitative study:

“The results of the Kisondela Wellbeing Survey demonstrate that the Africa Bridge (AB) model has the capacity to transform the lives of Tanzania’s most vulnerable children and significantly alleviate extreme poverty.”

“AB’s interventions have improved results for the vast majority of measured indicators over baseline:”

  • Extreme poverty reduced from 74% to 46%. 
  • Food shortages dropped from 95% to 33%. 
  • Household assets increased from 456 items to 849 items. 
  • Home construction improved. The number using cement bricks rose from 4 to 85. 
  • Home lighting increased from 7% to 45% – a factor in a child’s ability to study. 
  • Livestock ownership increased 300%.

“The study found that beneficiaries reinvested their money in a variety of enterprises. This suggests that the Africa Bridge approach encourages a mindset of entrepreneurialism and growth.”

Special thanks go to our staff, volunteers, partners and financial supporters for their remarkable commitment to the vision. Thank you to the members in This Is My Village!

We encourage you to join our effort or to consider supporting Africa Bridge through donation or partnership. Click here to view the full 43-page report with a detailed analysis of current effectiveness and opportunities for growth.


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