The Women of Rungwe

Presented Mother’s Day weekend (May 7, 2021), a celebration of the women of Rungwe who are driving change.

Speakers of the Evening: 

Barry Childs, Benjamin Pettigrew, Reola Phelps, Jenny Bloom, Ruth Childs

Chris Rich, Managing Partner at the law firm of Perkins Coie, pro bono counsel to Africa Bridge and long time volunteer served as our virtual Master of Ceremonies.

Barry Childs
Chris Rich
Reola Phelps

Ben, Barry and Reola gave us a reflection on the Women of Rungwe. Our TZ staff put together a video that shows Tunsi and her life in Tanzania. Click here to view the video

Tunsi Kalinga
Jenny Bloom
Ruth Childs

Stories from the Women in Rungwe were read by Jenny and Ruth.

Benjamin Pettigrew

Hakuna Matata to those who attended and made a donation in support of the most vulnerable children and the women in Tanzania.

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