Coronavirus Disease 2020 actions

Africa Bridge has responded to Covid-19 with the distribution of services for the most vulnerable children this past quarter:
  • Cleanness advice visits per child - 114 boys and 126 girls for the Kambasegela Ward.
  • Cleanness advice visits per child -299 boys and 224 girls for the Kisondela Ward. 
  • Additional soap was given to 295 boys and 287 girls.
  • Material has been purchased to make masks for all households.
All children were contacted via children's clubs meetings during the first quarter regarding prevention/cleanness advice prior to the government shutting down schools and public gatherings.

 Noel (3rd from the left) and Teddy, a long-time Africa Bridge volunteer (7th from the left). Ponsiano is the first person from the right.
Noel (4th from the left) with Kisondela Co-op members displaying the finished products that they learned how to make as part of the virus prevention training.


Stop the Spread

For more information on the COVID-19 crisis in Africa visit the Africa CDC website: 

Thank you Freddy from Virginia, for volunteering to create these wonderful COVID-19 prevention posters in both Swahili and English!


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