Coronavirus Disease actions

In November of 2021, Most Vulnerable Children Committee leaders in the villages in the Kambasegela Ward have now finished training to make all types of soap!

Thank you to the Segal Family Foundation for providing funds to purchase COVID-19 prevention supplies for institutions in the Kambasegela Ward.  In October 2021, Primary and Secondary schools, dispensaries, Ward and villages offices and churches were supplied with buckets, liquid hand soap, detergent soap and masks.  The Kambasegela Ward Officer and Busokelo District Vaccination Coordinator joined in the distribution and provided presentations about prevention and vaccines. 

We continue to promote prevention actions and awareness of COVID-19.  Most recently, Kelvin, staff member and Boniface, Empowerment Facilitator in Kambasegela Ward attended workshops on mental health and psychosocial support in response to emergency.  The training involved 20 participants and was conducted by the National team of Social Welfare officers sponsored by the Prime Minister Offices along with the Regional Psycho Social Support Initiative - REPSSI.  Both Kelvin and Boniface will now serve on a PSS team and the Child Protection team for the Busokelo Council and will be responsible for providing psychosocial support to people with disabilities, children, women and the elderly during emergencies.  

Africa Bridge responded to Covid-19 with the distribution of services for the most vulnerable children in 2020:

  • Cleanness advice visits per child - 114 boys and 126 girls for the Kambasegela Ward.
  • Cleanness advice visits per child -299 boys and 224 girls for the Kisondela Ward. 
  • Additional soap was given to 295 boys and 287 girls.
  • Material has been purchased to make masks for all households.
All children were contacted via children's clubs meetings regarding prevention/cleanness advice prior to the government shutting down schools and public gatherings.

 Noel (3rd from the left) and Teddy, a long-time Africa Bridge volunteer (7th from the left). Ponsiano is the first person from the right.
Noel (4th from the left) with Kisondela Co-op members displaying the finished products that they learned how to make as part of the virus prevention training.


Stop the Spread

For more information on the COVID-19 crisis in Africa visit the Africa CDC website: 

Thank you Freddy from Virginia, for volunteering to create these wonderful COVID-19 prevention posters in both Swahili and English!


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